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Paris Rive Gauche :
an outstanding multidisciplinary cluster,
a campus immersed in the city, immersed in life 
In 2007 the Université Paris Diderot inaugurated its first buildings in this new fast-developing part of Paris, known as Paris Rive Gauche - right next door to the Bibliothèque nationale de France, and on the banks of the Seine within the eastern city limits.
All the faculties of the University are coming together on the new Paris Rive Gauche site. This ambitious higher educational cluster is a unique project. The University is a major stakeholder in the social, economic and urban environment. The first six buildings which make up the original campus were either designed or renovated by leading architects. They cater for lectures and tutorials, provide research facilities and house the largest university library in Paris. They blend in with the other buildings in the neighbourhood : offices, apartments, shops, schools - and are part and parcel of the rich cultural and economic life of the area.
The first six buildings which make up the original campus: Lavoisier, La Halle aux Farines, Buffon, Condorcet, Les Grands Moulins, Lamarck

Objectif 2012

The University currently has four buildings under construction : laboratories, lecture theatres and tutorial rooms, research facilities and areas for student associations and sports centres.  Université Paris Diderot will thus bring together all the disciplines in the sciences and humanities, leaving only medicine in its various teaching hospitals in the northern part of Paris.
The University has been at pains to articulate its project : architecture, urban living and learning. It has created a genuinely multidisciplinary university in the heart of the city – a campus immersed in the city, immersed in life.