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Linguistics UFR (UFRL)
The Université Paris Diderot’s GHSS (Geography, History and Social Sciences) Training and Research Unit (UFR) is located in the vicinity of the Paris Rive Gauche campus. The majority of the University’s research and training activities associated with linguistics are housed close to the Olympiades site.

Paris-Diderot offers students a robust, open and modern education in the various facets of Linguistics, a young science born in the 20th Century which attempts to look beyond the
285 students
6 administration and technical staff
25 teaching-research staff
17 researchers
53 PhD students
extreme diversity of the world's languages to identify their common properties.
The Linguistics UFR offers training in Language Science, Linguistics and Computer Science (in partnership with the Computer Science UFR), and in French as a Foreign Language, from level 3 of a bachelor’s degree to doctorate level. It is home to numerous specialists in a wide range of areas (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, history of linguistic theory, etc.)

Research into Language Science is grouped within a Doctoral School of research teams, and seeks to unite the various branches of language studies in a manner appropriate to our time.



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