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  • Area of Specialisation
  • Research Activities
  • Teaching & Supervision
  • Biographical Note
  • Film and digital culture / moving image aesthetics in the digital age/ film and new technology

  • Avant Garde, experimental and artists’ films; film, multimedia and video art

  • Contemporary cinema and intermediality

  •  film form, counter-culture and marginality.


Main Research Interests and publications:
  • Film and digital culture / moving image aesthetics in the digital age/ film and new technology

  • Avant Garde, experimental and artists’ films; film, multimedia and video art

  • Contemporary cinema and intermediality

  •  film form, counter-culture and marginality.


Current research:

The history and evolution of the moving image and of the technologies of vision (technological obsolescencesurveillance; technological uncanny; image and screen scale; the evolution of spectatorial regimes and the economy of attention.) More generally : contemporary cinema ; lthe body on screen; phenomenology, synesthesia ; experimental forms in film and vidéo. 


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Claire Denis, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004 et 2012.

Marginalité, sexualité, contrôle – Questions de représentation dans le cinéma français contemporain, Paris : L’Harmattan, 2000.


Articles and chapters (selection) :

 Guest Editor: Screen, "The Reflexive Turn: mediating and remediating Hollywood", 2017. 

“(S)wipe: phénoménologie d’un geste filmé”, dans Le geste Filmé, sous la direction de Christa Blumlinger et Mathias Lanvin, Labex H2H.

« Parasite Cinema », avec Kriss Ravetto, Image & Narrative, Vol 17, n 5, janvier 2017  

« An aesthetics of exhaustion? Digital found footage and Hollywood»Screen, 2017. 

"The Aesthetics and Politics of Obsolescence: Hand-made Film in the Era of the Digital”, avec Kim Knowles, MIRAJ - Moving Image Review & Art Journal , Volume 2 Issue 1, April 2013, pp. 54-68 

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Co-editor with Dr Kriss Ravetto (UC Davis) of EUP’s series in Film Studies (Edinburgh University Press), created with John Orr in 2008.

"A series of scholarly research intended to challenge and expand on the various approaches to film studies, bringing together film theory and film aesthetics with the emerging intermedial aspects of the field. The volumes combine critical theoretical interventions with a consideration of specific contexts, aesthetic qualities, and a strong sense of the medium’s ability to appropriate current technological developments in its practice and form as well as in its distribution."

Already published: Romantics and Modernists in British Cinema, (John Orr, 2009); Framing Pictures: Film and the Visual Arts (Steven Jacobs, June 2011).

To be published: Contemporary Film aesthetics: Layered Narration (Ian Garwood, Spring 2013); Remembering Cinema (Catherine Fowler, Winter 2013).









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The Body on Screen

Martine Beugnet is Professor in Visual Studies. She was appointed at Paris 7 Diderot in September 2012.

She was previously in post at the university of Edinburgh (1999-2012)

She has written articles and essays on a wide range of contemporary cinema topics, and has published four books to-date: Sexualité, marginalité, contrôle: cinéma français contemporain (L'Harmattan, 2000), Claire Denis (M.U.P, 2004 & 2012), Proust at the Movies together with Dr Marion Schmid (Ashgate, 2005), and Cinema and Sensation: French Film and the Art of Transgression (E.U.P, 2007 & 2012).

She is also co-editor, with Dr Kriss ravetto (uc Davis) of EUP series in Film Studies